The Yorkshire County Cat Club is the second oldest GCCF affiliated cat club and holds one of the largest Championship all breed shows in the UK.  Although the date of the first meeting is unknown, the first show was held in the 1920's and the club has continued to hold shows since then except during the two world wars!

YCCC members have included and still include many of the most knowledgeable Breeders, Judges, and Cat Owners in the country offering years of experience in producing the finest examples of their chosen breeds.

Owing to circumstances beyond the control of GCCF the NEC advised that no halls were available for the 2015 Supreme Cat Show on the normal date of 21 November 2015 and subsequently at the Board meeting held on 11th November a new date of 24th October was confirmed.

As this is the date scheduled for The Yorkshire Cat Club show and its associated clubs we have had to move from that weekend. The new date for Yorkshire 2015 is 14th November.

The Show Schedules and entry forms are available for download from the SHOW page.






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